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The Best Puerto Galera Tourist Spot. You’ll be surprised to find out that these beautiful spots are in Puerto Galera!

bulalacao island in puerto galera

Just three hours away from Manila, Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro is surprisingly easy to get to, making it the perfect spontaneous getaway destination. Puerto Galera tourist spot fascinates local and foreign travelers with its resorts, beach coves, waterfalls, abundant marine life, limestone cliffs, rock formations, coral gardens, dive sites, and mountains.

It has a reputation for being a party beach, but this port town has so much more to offer. Beyond the comforts of the popular White Beach, you’ll discover tons of hidden gems, such as refreshing waterfalls, historic sites, stunning mountain views, delicious food, and more.

Puerto Galera also lays claim to having one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

To guide you on your trip, here are the 10 best Puerto Galera Oriental Mindoro tourist spots!

1. White Beach

The top Puerto Galera tourist spot is the White Beach. If you’re up for a whole day of partying, this is the perfect place to be. Just like in Boracay, White Beach is a long stretch of white sandy shores with all kinds of bars and resorts. White Beach’s unending supply of all things hip and fun will definitely keep you entertained for days.

2. Talipanan Beach

Head over to Talipanan Beach if you want to have a chill moment away from the busy crowd. Talipanan Beach offers its visitors the privacy they need. Here you can enjoy the sand, sun, and sea with less to no tourists. It is surrounded by the beautiful views of the mountains and lush green forests that make up for a perfect nature and beach getaways.

3. Mangyan Village

mangyan village in puerto galera

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Every Puerto Galera visitor should visit the charming village to witness Mangyans’ (Mindoro’s indegenous people) way of life, beautiful weaves, and the culture that has persisted through time. You can also witness and participate in their weaving tradition. You can even have a chance to take home souvenirs such as baskets that are crafted by local artisans. By visiting this village, you will be supporting this indigenous group’s cultural preservation and economic sustainability.

4. Coral Garden

Puerto Galera isn’t all beach and parties, you know. The town is also rich with colorful and magnificent reefs like the Coral Garden. You can dive or snorkel there to see the abundant corals and different kinds of fishes. Snorkeling at Coral Garden is one of the top activities in Puerto Galera.

5. Tamaraw Falls

If you need a break from sand and saltwater, check out Puerto Galera’s waterfalls. One of the best places to visit in Puerto Galera is the Tamaraw Falls. At 423-ft. high, it is one of the tallest and most impressive falls in town. You can go there by booking a package tour or go there on your own by motorcycle or public transportation. 

6. Tukuran Falls

Another Puerto Galera tourist spot is the Tukuran Falls. It is a bit harder to get to than Tamaraw Falls because it involves a bit of a hike (and a carabao ride.) Even so, the trip is worth it! You’ll be amazed at waterfalls’ breathtaking beauty and the refreshing swimming hole is home to dragonflies and butterflies. This peaceful place is full of rocks that get very slippery in the rain, so it’s best to travel here during the summer.

7. Bulalacao

If you want to enjoy the beach all to yourself, consider visiting Bulalacao. It has 13 untouched islets that when seen on a bird’s eye view forms a resemblance to a shooting star where the island’s name comes from. Bulalacao island remains a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. 

8. Aninuan Falls

Aninuan Falls

Aninuan Falls is one of the best places to visit in Puerto Galera that will give its visitor an adventurous trip! To get here, you’ll have to go on a trek. You can get a ride to the jump-off point, after which you can follow any of the multiple trails towards the falls. Or, if you are really looking for an extra-adventurous trip, you can walk from White Beach to the falls provided you’re willing to traverse the road, streams, and even mountainside staircases. It might be a bit of hard work but when you reach Aninuan Falls, you’ll end up in refreshing waters surrounded by vibrant flora and fauna, making all the adventure worth it.

9. Aninuan Beach

Another remote and undeveloped beach you can visit in Puerto Galera is the Aninuan Beach. With clear waters and fine sand, this is a great beach that ranks high among tourists’ favorite Puerto Galera places to visit. And even Aninuan Beach is isolated, it is also close to the action of White Beach.

10. Bikini Floating Bar

Did you know that Puerto Galera’s booming nightlife extends all the way out in the ocean? Yes, in the middle of the sea, above waters lies the Bikini floating bar. You can enjoy a drink or two and party while floating on Puerto Galera waters. This is definitely a great Puerto Galera tourist spot.

For years, Puerto Galera has been one of the Philippines’ best-kept secrets, with its lush forests, powdery beaches, and amazingly rich underwater world. That’s why it’s no surprise why local and foreign tourists love visiting it

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