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Four step squat exercise for sexy & strong thigh…

Do you know there is lots of kind squat?  each squat exercise make different muscle development. now follow how to exercise these four step which start easy to difficult step. 

Level one JUMP SQUAT

1. Stand both foot widen your shoulder size. 2. down your body until 90 degree your legs,push out your two arms .3.Jump with strong push back your arms. 4. Gently touch down and return next action level 2. Effect. whole legs.

Click the picture you could see the movement.



Level 2 wide squat

1. both foot widen double your shoulder size and two hand bring your front like pray.. 2. Toe end forwarding 45 degree out. 3. straight you back, slowly go down without forward inside your legs. 4.  Upright while tension inner thigh and hip. EFFECT. inner thigh,hip.Click the picture you could see the movement.



Level 3 Narrow squat

 1. Stand with attach both foot and bring two hand to your front like pray.  2. Down your body while push back your hip. be careful don’t open your end foot. 3. Down until 90 degree your legs. 4. Upright again while tension your inner thigh. EFFECT. Outside Thigh,Hip.Click the picture you could see the movement.


Level 4 Single leg squat

 1. Stand single leg lift out while balancing one leg. 2. Slowly sit down while straight out tow arms.3. upright again while careful don’t drop your leg. 4. Beginner do this put chair to your back. EFFECT. whole thigh, hip, core.Click the picture you could see the movement.

+ While squat exercise focus weight at your toe, so you could get effect your inner thigh muscles development well. if your weight put your back foot you could make tension your hip while exercise.don’t think of how many times you must do…basically do it while tired yourself^^ better you exercise 3 set 20 times.


JAY Ko- IT,Media,Women & Culture,Party society editor