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Men’s Grooming Routine & Fashion Tips


In this day and era, no one wants to look like a homeless person or be mistaken for a Hillbilly. A lot of men have now taken personal grooming to another level.

Today’s men are suave and sophisticated; they know and understand the importance of feeling and looking like a million bucks. Grooming is a consistent act of self care and it should be done often to get optimum results.

“For me personal grooming is very important because it naturally boosts my confidence,’’ says Teshawn Miller, Founder and CEO of Dunntett-House-Creations.

Men should learn how to dress to their body size and wear appropriate clothing that fits the occasion. Fragrance is a good way of maintaining good odor and making it easy to easy to sit or stand next to others, especially considering the current high temperatures.

Men of this generation should not wait for their hair to grow uncontrollably for them to realize they need a good clean haircut. They should know the right barber and stick to it. Even those with long hair such as dreadlocks must keep it clean. They must wash their hair and twist it as a routine so they look clean and are taken seriously.

“It’s all about the individual and what works for them. But just for good hygiene, it’s advisable to shave or trim and keep pubic hair clean and well kept,’’ advised Miller.

The armpits should always be trimmed also. Use roll on and deodorant to curb the bad smell that is caused by sweating.  It is critical to also trim nose hair if it starts peeping out.

The same applies to ear hair and eye brows. Yes eyebrows. A good barber can trim that eyebrow line with tweezers or a razor blade. Some go to the extent of plucking their eyebrows if they look bushy, especially if their eyebrows are connected in the middle. You can also brush the eye brows before taking off for the day.

“Men should at all times make it a habit to look presentable in all occasions. It makes them know and understand the importance of taking care of oneself, and by so doing become productive because they feel vibrant and always rejuvenated,’’ noted Miller.

He also encouraged men to cut long nails after taking a bath as they will be softer and easier to trim.

“Avoid dirty looking nails and trimming nails with your teeth. Gym rooms are fitted with bathrooms or showers for men to wash and remove the sweat building up after training. Every gym bag should contain soap, gel, body lotion and deodorant,’’ said Miller.

There are health benefits associated with washing the body after vigorous exercise. Other men use products such as toners on their faces to remove dirt. Feet are a must clean too; one should scrub them and cut the nails to keep them nice and clean.

It is imperative for men to brush their teeth at least twice a day. Flossing teeth and using mouth wash helps keep the breath fresh. Keep a packet of chewing gum to ensure a bright smile and healthy breath. Check on a dentist at least once every six months, to avoid cavities.

“Personally grooming is very important for me because it shows that I am focused, determined and results oriented,” said Miller.



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Men's Grooming Routine & Fashion Tips
Men’s Grooming Routine : Fashion Tips

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