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Car Shows in town with sexy model.

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Hot Import Nights 7 Manila, The HOOD and Motoring Music Festival

List of top 10 HOTTEST car show models in the Philippines

You can’t deny the fact that part of the auto show experience is all about the hot car show models posing right next to your dream cars. Read on to know more about these hottest babes.

Car shows are a celebration of design, engineering and an opportunity to whet our appetites for new cars, new accessories and new tech.

Yes, keep telling yourselves that. More often than not, when I come to car shows, photographers seem to take a lot more pictures of the car show models than the car models themselves! For shame! Now, excuse me while I join Hypocrites Anonymous.

As the old saying goes, “come for the girls, stay for the cars”. For the longest time, car companies and ad men (and women!) have recognized that one of the best ways to appeal to a predominantly testosterone-fueled crowd is to herd them in with scantily-clad Pinay sexy models.

Sex sells, that much is true, and today we’ll be talking about some of the more popular car show girls in the car show scene.

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#10: Karen Tuazon

  • Facebook Followers: 140,000
  • Instagram Followers: 111,000

Karen Anne Tuazon or Kaye to her close friends is a top-flight print, online and car show model. Her sweet smile and sensuous demeanor hide just an even bigger smile behind it! Her more than 130,000 likes on Facebook alone proves how loved she is by the public.

Karen Tuazon at a car show

Follow Kaye’s army of fans on her official Facebook Fanpage!

#9. Miranda Aldana

  • Facebook Followers: 122,852
  • Instagram Followers: 73,600

Miranda Aldana is a cover model and car show girl that shows her range by posing for multiple marketing brands not just for sexy poses. Did I tell you that she bakes as well? Yes she prides herself at being a patisserie and bakes delicate pastries in her spare time.

Miranda Aldana at a car show

Catch Miranda on IG @mirandaaldana_

#8. Tina Kimura

  • Facebook Followers: 25,080
  • Instagram Followers: 113,000

Model, cosplayer, entrepreneur, foodie? Tina Kimura not only fulfills your Japanese fantasies you crazy fan-boys you, she also makes sure you have enough vitamins to last the day and comfort food with her menu of home-cooked meals. Really, what more can you ask for? Cool Pinay car model!!!

Tina Kimura at a Car Show

Fill your eyes @tina_kimura and your tummy @tinascomfortfood

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#7. Joycee Castro

  • Facebook Followers: 25,080
  • Instagram Followers: 126,601

Art is beauty and vice versa, and no one personifies that more than Joycee Castro. A staple at car shows and events, Joycee not only enjoys these shows as she is a famous Pinay car model, she is also a Clinical Supervisor at a well-known dermatology clinic and tattoo artist!

Joycee Castro at a car show

Can the Doctor see me now? Well, not exactly check out her IG @joycee.castro

#6. Marline Capones

  • Facebook Followers: 105,538
  • Instagram Followers: 272,000

Marline is a self-described fitness and island girl. Her IG account is filled with her adventures in the great outdoors as well as gym instructional videos and tutorials. If you start to feel low on energy and need a quick perk up, Marline is up to the task to liven up your day for sure!

Marline Capones Posing at a car show

Check out Marline’s workout routines at @marlinecapones

#5. Haiza Madrid

  • Facebook Followers: 53,000
  • Instagram Followers: 119,000

Haiza Madrid is an aspiring actress and model that loves doing car shows and if you are a regular patron of these events you should recognize her right away! She had her first major acting gig in the lead role for the iWantTV movie Hush which released earlier this year.

Haiza Madrid at a Car Show

Catch exclusive BTS video from Hush straight from the Haiza Madrid Youtube Channel!

#4. Cyndi Garcia

  • Facebook Followers: 270,641
  • Instagram Followers: 341,000

A bonafide professional model and Instagram star, Cyndi Garcia’s motto in life is “Set your goals high and don’t stop till you get there.” and it shows in her work ethic as she is a staple Pinay car model, car-meets and more!

Cyndi Garcia at a Car Show

Be part of Cyndi Garcia’s 340,000 IG followers at @cyndi_garcia

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#3. Kristine Santamena

  • Facebook Followers: 617,000
  • Instagram Followers:187,000

Apart from car shows and modeling gigs, Kristine Santamena is one of the most fun people you can ever meet, with over 65,000 followers her Youtube Channel. You can catch her kooky antics almost every day as she plays your favorite video games.

Krisinta Santamera posing for a car show

Kristine Santamena has her own Lets Play channel on Youtube! Catch her on the Kristine Santamera Channel

#2. Yassi Benitez

  • Facebook Followers: 412,665
  • Instagram Followers: 332,000

Right off the bat, we have Yassi Benitez, a professional model, and entrepreneur. She works hard for her money as she proudly states that she is her family’s sole bread-winner. Make sure you follow her Instagram and catch her on her next appearances!

Yassi Benitez Posing at a car show

Follow Yassi Benitez on IG @yassibenitez

#1. Asia Gomez

  • Instagram Followers: 331,000

Finally, we have the incomparable Asia Gomez. Where else can you find someone who poses for car shows and is a gourmet chef? She appreciates her private life but doesn’t be shy to drop her IG a like!

Asia Gomez at a car show

You can find Asia on IG @iamsweetmarie

So there you have it, folks! I knew I said this was going to be a top 10 list, but I love you guys so much that I added another one for good measure.


JAY Ko- IT,Media,Women & Culture,Party society editor